Friday, February 13, 2009

Apache Qpid Committer!

Hi all, it happened about two months ago...I became an Apache Committer for Qpid project  (!

"Just a brief note, we have voted Andrea on as a committer, all the accounts and details have
been completed and he now has Karma! A warm welcome to the team Andrea."


Basically I developed (I'm still developing) a JMX / WS-DM adapter for Qpid broker in order to enable remote management using one of the mentioned technologies...I already knew JMX but WS-DM was (is still so :) ) completely unknown so at the end is a nice challenge :)

If you are interested on that here you are some useful links :

- Apache Qpid home page : 
- This is what I've done (really what I'm still doing...) :

...and last but not least...

Best regards,


Marco said...

Complimenti per tutto quello che stai facendo!

Andrea Gazzarini said...

Ciao Marco, grazie mille.
I complimenti ricevuti da una persona con la tua esperienza sono un grande onore per me :)