Saturday, September 06, 2014

Integration tests with jena-nosql and Solr

The main goal of the jena-nosql project is to have a framework for building a set of noSQL storage bindings for Apache Jena.

So the idea is that using a piece of code like this

final StorageLayerFactory factory = StorageLayerFactory.getFactory();
final Dataset dataset = DatasetFactory.create(factory.getDatasetGraph());   
final Model model = dataset.getDefaultModel().read(...);    
final Query query = QueryFactory.create(...);
final ResultSet resultset = QueryExecutionFactory.create(query, dataset)).execSelect(); 

I'd be able to insert and query some data using Jena API.
But where? That actually depends on the binding we choose. At the moment, in order to "test" the framework idea I created two modules: one for Cassandra and the other for Solr.

As you can see in the project there's a module for doing integration tests. There, I had to think, before running those tests, some way to start one storage or another in a transparent way.      

As you probably know, if you read some other post of mine, I am a big fan of Apache Maven, and I must say that in these situations it is a very great and productive tool.

In the previous post I (briefly) explained how to start the integration test suite with a backing Apache Cassandra. Here I'll do the same but using Apache Solr.

There isn't an official Maven plug-in for Solr, this is the main difference with Cassandra. So after googling a bit I decided to use Cargo.

Cargo has a nice and powerful Maven plug-in that I configured within a solr-4x profile in my pom.xml. Doing so I'm able to run

   > mvn clean install -P solr-4x 
The very first time you run this command, Maven, as usual, will download all required dependencies including the solr war. Once did that, it will
  • start an embedded Jetty instance with Solr deployed inside;
  • run the integration test suite;
  • stop Jetty 
So, at the end, running the same test suite against one storage or another, it is just a matter of using a different Maven profile in the build ;)